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Jewelry Care

The best method to clean any jewelry, is simply by gently rubbing and polishing with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Things happen, and sometimes that won't do the trick, so here are other methods of cleaning your bling.

Sterling Silver 

Sterling silver does not require excessive maintenance hassles. There is no fear of tarnish or rust with time. You just need to wipe and clean the piece of jewelry with a cloth, and your jewelry will shine like new. So, for people who do not have too much time to maintain their jewelry, sterling silver is the ideal option.

Soap and water: Warm water and a mild, ammonia- and phosphate-free dishwashing soap should be your first line of defense if the polishing cloth fails to remove tarnish. Soap and water should also be used to clean your pieces before using any of the methods listed below. 

Do not dip your pieces in water. Instead, dip a lint-free cloth in the bowl with water and soap and gently rub your jewelry.

Baking soda: Make a paste of baking soda and water and use a clean cloth to apply a pea-sized amount to the silver and polish. For etched, stamped or detailed items, thin the paste with more water and use a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush to get the cracks and crevices. Run the silver piece or pieces under running warm water, and dry with a clean cloth.


Stainless Steel

Although stainless steel jewelry doesn’t tarnish or corrode, it can scratch. Stainless steel jewelry is pretty easy to clean. Simply follow these steps:

1. Pour some warm water in a small bowl, and add some mild dishwashing soap.

2. Dip a soft, lint-free cloth in the soapy water, and then gently wipe the stainless steel jewelry with the damp cloth until the piece is clean. When cleaning it, rub the item along its polish lines.

3. Wipe the remaining soap off your jewelry using a moist cloth dipped in clean water.

4. Dry the jewelry well with a clean towel, and then leave your pieces to air dry.

After your stainless steel jewelry is clean, you can use a jewelry polish or a polishing cloth to shine it. Some people use toothpaste to clean the especially dirty spots of their stainless steel pieces.

Keep in mind, however, that toothpaste is abrasive. If you decide to use it for cleaning, make sure it is a non-whitening brand that does not contain silica, and use a soft cloth to rub the paste onto your pieces.

Don’t forget to rinse the jewelry, or wipe thoroughly after you are done.

An alternative to these cleaning methods is to purchase a stainless steel cleaner from the store, and follow the instructions on the package. You can also buy a regular jewelry cleaner whose label says that it can be used on stainless steel.


Gold Vermeil

Gold is a very soft metal that scratches easily. This is why even solid gold pieces contain other harder metals in the alloy. The less gold you have in the piece, the more scratch-resistant it will be. The same principle applies to gold vermeil.

A 22k vermeil jewelry piece will be less resistant than a 14k one, for example. As the karats go down, the durability of the piece goes up. This is important to consider when you clean your vermeil jewelry.

Use lukewarm water and a soft liquid soap. Avoid harsh chemicals and detergents when cleaning your gold vermeil. Do not dip your pieces in water. Instead, dip a lint-free cloth in the bowl with water and soap and gently rub your vermeil jewelry piece. While with silver or solid gold you can also use a jewelry brush, we recommend you not to try it on gold vermeil. You can end up rubbing off the layer of gold, leaving the silver underneath visible.

After you finish cleaning your piece, rinse it by using another cloth dipped in plain water. Carefully dry it afterward and place it in your jewelry box, wrapped in a soft cloth.

One of the biggest mistake made, is apply body lotion or perfume while wearing the jewelry. The chemicals in those products can interact with the metals in the jewelry pieces and ruin their look. Make sure to wait for at least five or six minutes after you apply your cosmetic products before putting on your vermeil jewelry.

It’s is needless to say that you shouldn’t do housework while wearing your jewelry. Also, it’s best to avoid exercising or going to the pool with your jewelry on. Last, but not least, when you place your vermeil pieces in your jewelry box, make sure to keep them separate from your other jewelry. If not, they can get scratched. If you don’t have a special compartment for them in your box, simply wrap them in a soft cloth to protect them.


Gold Plated and Gold Filled Jewelry

Jewelry always last longer with less exposure to moisture, heat, sweat, humidity or harsh chemicals. So, whenever possible, remove your jewelry before showering, or applying fragrance. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place, when you are not wearing them.

Except for watches, most of our jewelry, can be easily cleaned with a gentle soap and warm water, in the event of dirt or grime build-up. Do not dip your pieces in water. Instead, dip a lint-free cloth in the bowl with water and soap and gently rub your jewelry. In extreme cases, use a soft toothbrush to gently clean. Allow to air dry, if jewelry has diamonds; polish with a dry cloth, if the surface is smooth.

Please avoid storing jewelry in or near moisture to prevent premature tarnishing.


Zinc Alloy

Like most metals, zinc alloy can tarnish and discolor. Depending on a variety of factors (metal content, finish, exposure to certain conditions), this can happen very quickly, take several months, or years. To help prevent tarnish, it's best to avoid moist or wet conditions, and when not in use, store in an airtight container. A silica gel sachet can help to absorb any moisture in the container.

A great way to remove tarnish from zinc alloy jewelry, is with good old toothpaste (non-gel varieties). To clean, work the paste into a lather, and then apply directly to the piece, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush or similar to get into grooves, or scrub at more stubborn tarnish.

Once the component is clean, rinse thoroughly to ensure there is no paste residue, then dry. Please note that sometimes, if the tarnish has been left for too long, the metal will remain discolored. So, get on it as soon as you notice any tarnishing.

Also, remember your jewelry is protected by our lifetime warranty, so if the tarnish is stubborn, or your jewelry fades, please contact us, so we can repair or replace the item for free. We pay shipping - both ways. 

If your care questions were not answered above, please feel free to email us at support@phroezn.com, and we'll be happy to assist you. 


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