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Cuban Link: The History Behind The Name

The truth? No one really knows from where the name originated, or if it has any ties to Cuba. The Cuban link, or Miami Cuban link, is a popular style of link, that is usually linked to hip hop and rap culture. 

In fact, many still consider Cuban link necklaces as a component of hip-hop/rap fashion. Though, it has been on the scene since the 70s, interest in Cuban links accelerated after 2012! Yes, that recently. Since the surge in interest, it has been rising steadily ever since.

Like us, you are probably intrigued to learn where it really originated. Stay tuned, as Phroezn jewelry detectives get to the bottom of this mystery! 

P.S. The first customer to find the exact origin, will get a free 20 inch 10mm Diamond Cuban Link ! Wait....this won't be just any Cuban Link, you'll get our favorite design - the Damask Cuban Link. Check it out. It will remind you of another popular item - the damask handkerchief. Yes, we love getting creative with our jewelry, and this one was the most fun to do. 


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